Saturday, 5 February 2011

Set Fire To The Rain

Hello people of the internet. I have decided to try blogging again. About clothes and style and such, not about my life 'cause there's nothing really happening. That's actually why I need a creative outlet, to escape from the real world. And I spend quite a lot of my times thinking about clothes and I read a lot of fashion blogs myself so... why not start my own?
Sorry about the shitty picture, I'm not really a poser nor do I like to show my face on camera. But it's supposed to be about the clothes, not my face so... Especially because I wasn't wearing any make- up.
In the picture you can see a H&M Trend dress I bought from sale and then modified a bit.

Buy topshop - Mesh Cape Shirt online

Never shop online when drunk. I ordered this mesh collar shirt from topshop after I came home from a party late at night, and it's going to arrive on a few days. Well, it wasn't so bad this time, 'cause I've been looking for this kind of a shirt, but still I think it's best to shop when you're sober or you might end up bankrupt...


Anonymous said...

hehe! well, you still made a great purchase! that top is so pretty :)

Anonymous said...

so gorgeous :)

sundaygirl said...

I've been admiring that shirt for a while. At least you made a good drunken decision.

Raya said...

haha I don't shop online ven sober but you've made a pretty good job with the shirt:))

Thekla said...

like the shirt:)x

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