Saturday, 14 May 2011

He drank the blood like lemonade

Nice one blogspot :'DSo yeah, posting this again because it got deleted.

I just noticed I've been doing this blog now for about 4 months! (God how time flies......) And I'm really enjoying it : ) And thank you to everyone who commented or followed<3
I also think I'll open a flickr/tumblr account for my more "artsy" photos that don't have that much to do with clothes, like this one:

And the song was "Blood like Lemonade" by Morcheeba:


Bird On A Wire said...

What a lovely blog! 4 months, you're doing so well. I'm pretty new to it too, gets addictive doesn't it. Yours is really cool, love your photography.
Definitely following! Would love your follow too!

Tanya WALL officiel said...

Great blog , love the nice looks !

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Love that last photo! And your red hair is stunning, looks awesome with the leopard print. xo

strawberry freckleface

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

That last photo & your eyes = amazing. x hivenn

heatherheartsfashion said...

love your shirt, cute outfit. and laughing so hard at your at your about me.. i like my clothes pretty and my hair ugly. ahahaha.. ME TOO!

im followin ya, check my blog!

heatherheartsfashion said...

took your bloglovin follower virginity!! hahaha feel free do delete this comment